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About semantic Web ...

In this multilingual portfolio, we have applied a real semantic web processing chain.
First of all, we have a complete XML file containing data about my curriculum vitae and my semantic web projects, in three languages (French, English, Russian).
This XML file is based on an XSD file (XML Schema).
Then, we apply two XSLT transformations on this XML file to produce XHTML files (respectively for my resume and my completed projects).
In these XSL files, RDFa.
properties are added Then, from the XHTML+RDFa files, we generate a RDF/XML.
Finally, from this RDF/XML file, we generate a SVG graph of data representation.

The XHTML+RDFa files are valid W3C (version 1.0).
The CSS file is valid for W3C (versions 2 and 3).
All other files (XML, XSD, XSL) are also valid.
This page and the home page are XHTML+RDFa 1.0 pages (not generated from XML files).
A DTD file is also available to have a representation other than the XSD file.

Available documents :

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